Agile Assessment

Have you already been through, or are going through, an agile transformation? Have you been working using agile for a while and want to ensure that you are still getting the maximum benefit from it? Do you need a health check to stop any future challenges before they become problems?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these, then an agile assessment could be right for you.

Our team of agile consultants are well versed in conducting agile assessments for companies of all sizes. Our experience of using industry-standard assessment tools means we can conduct an efficient assessment with valuable insights and industry benchmarking.

Agile Assessment
Agile Assessment

An Agile Assessment Will

  • Help you to understand the current knowledge of Agile, Lean and Scrum across your people, teams, and organisation
  • Discuss the benefits of Agile that are already working well for you
  • Discuss the challenges and blockers that are preventing you from fully adopting Agile
  • Give you a set of evidence-based recommendations to improve agility – not just the standard playbook
  • Identify opportunities for further growth within your organisation
  • Empower leaders to make informed investment decisions in relation to further agile training and coaching

Agile Assessment FAQ

"I’ve been working with McKenna Agile Consultants for a while now, and their ability to make us think through problems or to strive for better working methodologies has been unprecedented. Their experience and nature during our sessions has absolutely transformed our wiring"

Toni R-B., Head of Product Delivery, Technology Sector

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