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Are you a leader in your organisation wanting to improve collaboration, quality, innovation, and delivery? Take your skills to the next level and join our agile masterclass.

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Browse our range of Agile Services and Workshops to kick start your transformation.

Agile Coaching

Get practical and experienced Agile leadership coaching for yourself, Agile transformation coaching your programs and Agile team coaching for your teams.

Agile Consultancy

Sick of the same theoretical Consultancy services? We offer real, hands-on Agile consultancy to expertly guide and advise you through your journey.

Agile Training

Education is key to any transformation. We provide training for all levels in your organisation, from Teams to Leaders.

Agile Assessments

Get a professional agile assessment to inspire continuous improvement and take your agility to the next level.

Introduction to Agile

Learn the fundamentals of Agile, discover better ways of delivering projects and gain tools to begin your Agile journey.

Scrum Master Workshop

Deep dive into the role of the Scrum Master, learn techniques and practice honing some of the skills that can lead to high performing Scrum Teams.

Product Owner Workshop

Create high quality products that your customers love through our practical Agile Product Owner workshop.

Agile Masterclass

Join our leadership coaching to help leaders to overcome personal and organisational transformation challenges.

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Overcome any obstacle standing between you and delivery. Book a free Agile Consultation and get clear on how to get real, tangible results.

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McKenna Agile Consultants are experienced transformation engineers, dedicated to helping our clients achieve business agility through Agile Training, Coaching, and Consulting.

Agile Training, Coaching, and Consulting - McKenna Agile Consultants

"McKenna Consultants have supported JBA Risk Management in our adoption of agile management approaches. Their knowledge of agile methodologies such as Scrum and SAFe has been a tremendous resource for us and each interaction has provided new insights that have allowed us to refine and improve our practices."

Dr. David Wood, JBA Risk Management

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