Agile Consultancy

Our practical and experienced Agile coaches will help your people, your teams and your programs adopt an Agile mindset through the implementation of practices and methods in their day to day work.

Agile Consultancy is a great solution to embed learnings from training into the team with someone who has experienced Agile adoptions first hand. Our Agile Coaches will focus on helping the people that they coach to be more collaborative, transparent, quality driven and value focused.

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Agile Consultancy

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Scrum & Kanban

ART Launches

 Implementations & ART Launches


Lean Portfolio Management

Agile Assessments

Agile Assessments


Prioritisation Workshops


Value Stream Identification & Mapping


Strategy Development


Tool Setup and Configuration


Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Methodology

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"McKenna Agile Consultants' approach is real, recognising that not all are created equal in the adoption of new methods. They were able to apply real world experiences where we needed them and direct guidance when it was most appropriate. While specific business subject matter can be a struggle to an outsider, McKenna Agile Consultants showed the ability to pick up and adapt to our complicated content and successfully apply expertise to our niche."

Mark L, Senior Payments Leader, Fintech

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