Agile Coaching

Our practical and experienced Agile coaches will help your people, your teams and your programs adopt an Agile mindset through the implementation of practices and methods in their day to day work.

Agile Coaching is a great solution to embed learnings from training into the team with someone who has experienced Agile adoptions first hand. Our Agile Coaches will focus on helping the people that they coach to be more collaborative, transparent, quality driven and value focused.

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Aaron McKenna - Agile Coach

Why Agile Coaching?


We coach practical tools and techniques to embed an Agile mindset in order to unlock the potential in your teams and people. We put theory into practice.


All of our Agile coaches are experienced, seasoned professionals understanding when to coach for performance and when to coach for development.


Our coaches support you and your teams with honest feedback, real world solutions and a laser focus when coaching towards your goals and objectives.


We are not afraid to be assertive when we need to be. Our confidence is based on our experience and credentials. You can count on us to say what is required to be said.


Not only are all of our Agile coaches experienced, we come with a wealth of industry knowledge and a hunger to learn more. We know how to use our knowledge to maximum effect.


We have worked with many Clients for a number of years, demonstrating the trust that we build into our coaching relationships. Building trust is fundamental to our success.

"... the most complete coach I have been lucky enough to work with... industry knowledge and experience enable him to add value from day 1. He not only offers the support you expect from an expert coach but he also provides an impressive ability to offer real lean Agile solutions cutting through much of the usual Agile rhetoric."

Frank H, Solution Train Engineer (STE), Financial Services

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