Agile Leadership Training for a SaaS Company



Project Background

Piksel and McKenna Consultants worked together on an Agile training programme to reinforce, strengthen, and transform Piksel’s staff into Agile leaders. Piksel offers strategic, professional, and managed services underpinned by its SaaS-based infrastructure.

Piksel is an unrivalled expert in designing, building, and managing online video solutions for huge, world-renowned brands and media companies. Piksel has offices in the USA, UK, and mainland Europe.

The Challenge

Piksel was looking to provide its staff with a world-class training programme to give such employees the knowledge and support required to advance to the next level. Piksel wanted to reinforce the Agile mindset throughout the company and bring everyone up to the same level of training.

The Solution

Piksel looked for an Agile training partner who possessed the knowledge, experience, and skills to roll out training programmes in its office in York, North Yorkshire, and approached McKenna Consultants to be a dedicated Agile training partner. After discussions, McKenna Consultants and Piksel agreed that McKenna Consultants’ bespoke “An Introduction Into Agile Software Development” course was a great programme for Piksel to offer its staff to supplement their Agile knowledge.


McKenna Consultants have been collaborating closely with Piksel to deliver a series of Agile training courses. The training programme is run on a monthly basis, on site, in their York offices. In the future, the programme will expand to other offices, such as Malaga, Spain.

The training course is delivered in a consultative nature, where attendees are encouraged to contribute, discuss, and define their own learning. From the outset of the Agile training course, Piksel staff have been engaged, motivated and a great bunch of people to work with.