4Com Technologies PI Planning Event Success!

Aaron McKenna - Agile Training with 4Com

Last Thursday McKenna Consultants kicked of the launch of 4Com Technologies’ first Agile release train at the Village Hotel, Bournemouth. This was a highly energised, well received event attended by the software development teams, executives, stakeholders and shared services.

Aaron McKenna of McKenna Consultants has been working closely with the leadership at 4Com Technologies to train, prepare and organise the teams ready for their inaugural PI Planning Event. Assuming the role of Agile coach and Release Train Engineer, Aaron kicked off the PI Planning Event with an energised presentation, followed by an inspiring company vision from 4Com Technologies CEO, Steve Mills. This was followed by the presentation of the product’s architectural vision and development ethos and goals, testing strategy and finally, a presentation of the features that the teams were to look at.

The day was fast paced and chaotic at time, but resulted in new found ways of collaboration, alignment and increase team spirit. This approach of working is new to the teams at 4Com Technologies, so it was decided that the event would be limited to a single day, with the next one to be extended to two days.

4Com Technologies CEO Steve Mills said of the event:

“Considering this was our first ever PI Planning Event, the teams responded well and aligned around a clear set of features and objectives for the next few sprints. I was amazed at the energy in the room and how the teams took it upon themselves to tackle issues now, rather than weeks down the line. Aaron and his team facilitated the day with high enthusiasm, passion and intelligence, making sure that we got maximum value out of the day. We conducted a retrospective of the day and myself and the leadership team are really looking forward at how we can work with McKenna Consultants to make the next one even better!”

Steve Mills, CEO 4Com Technologies

We are continuing to work alongside 4Com Technologies to help them deliver high quality, scalable software to their products and customers. We are proud to have made the 4Com Technologies PI Planning event a success!