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On Friday 9th April 2021 at 12:30 UK (13:30 CET), join us at the Workshop Extravaganza! McKenna Agile Consultants are co-organisers of this unique workshop with Lisette Sutherland and Collaboration Superpowers.

We’re creating this event as we are tired of watching presentations online in the office and again when attending conferences online. Instead, we believe that online learning is best done through interactive workshops and discussions with others. McKenna Agile Consultants are a part of a community of professional online Facilitators through Collaboration Superpowers and decided to create the “Workshop Extravaganza” to offer you a great selection of remote workshops to take your online skills to the next level.

In these workshops you will get the chance to experience a wide range of remote collaboration skills, tools, techniques and tips to enable you to take your remote working skills to the next level. Our Facilitators are bringing experience from all over of the world, so you can be sure to find something perfect for you!

Each workshop will be offered twice so you get to choose any 2!

  1. Breaking the ice: building great team spirit online – with Aaron McKenna
  2. True connection, deep listening, curiosity and empathy online: why, what and how – with Colleen Leclercq
  3. Remote Work 3.0 | Game changing practices for YOU and your team – with Line Mørkbak
  4. How to use Management 3.0 tools in a virtual environment – with Ralph van Roosmalen
  5. AsyncABC: Effective Communication for Distributed and Hybrid Teams – with Michał Parkoła and Mark Kilby
  6. Remote conflict management – with Rafa Puerto
  7. Great remote retrospectives – with Nikoletta Tatar
  8. Design & Deliver great online workshops like a pro – with Nagesh Sharma
  9. ¡Engagement 3.0 para Reuniones Remotas Superpoderosas! – with Akira Bloise and Erick Masgo – IN SPANISH!
  10. Create the best Remote Employee Experience (REX) – with Tarcila Shinno – IN SPANISH!

We ask you to choose which workshops you want to attend when you register (you are allowed to change your mind).

To register and to find out more, you can head to the Collaboration Superpowers Workshop Extravaganza page.

See you online!

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